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Thank you for your continued efforts and courage with our work together.


This week, we looked at how important our attention is. What plays in our attention can play out in our bodies and brains. Throughout much of life we tend to be on automatic pilot simply reacting to whatever comes into our mind and doing things without really noticing what happening or thinking. Learning to pay attention means that we make a specific effort to notice what’s going on in our minds, what we are focusing our attention on, or thinking about and then choosing whether to stay or change. Crucially we can choose to change what is going on in our minds by focusing on the breathing, grounding in the body and what our true intention is.  

Personal Practice

  • In Session 3 we explored how our attention works like a spotlight. We looked at how we can use mindfulness to help us notice how busy our minds can be. Not only that but they can get locked into focusing on things that make us feel worse. To unlock it first we must notice and then choose to shift our attention and also at times our behaviour. You can always have a look at your notes to see what we covered.

  • Please see the recording of the exercises we did on this page, using Soothing Rhythm Breathing with our CFT Body Practices where you can apply it to a difficult situation.

  • Finally, see if you can notice times during the week where you have thought of our sessions or tried to do some of the strategies suggested in our sessions. These can be both good and not so good experiences, but is so helpful to notice and explore what happened. You can use your workbook to write anything down.


Feel free to reach out this week if I can be of any assistance.

Wishing you well



Please click on the circular icon to access a downloadable pdf file with the resources for this week. 

Light Bulb Poster


Facial expression and voice tone

Soothing rhythm breathing

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