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Thank you for your continued efforts and courage with our work together.


In our module today we have explored what shame-based self-criticism is, where it comes from and why it is so unhelpful when we really want to flourish and achieve our goals. In fact, the ability to fail, the ability to be disappointed imperfect, fall short of our ideals without launching attacks on the self is crucial for our improvement and for our wellbeing.


We realised how helpful becoming our compassionate self is when dealing with disappointments and situations that normally elicit self-criticism: it will help us to calm down that constant stimulation of the threat system which is unhelpful for our minds and our bodies, and ultimately to reach our goals.


Just a few notes for this week -


Personal Practice

  • This week we explored how to deal with disappointments and setbacks using our compassionate self.

  • Remember doing these exercises can bring us into touch with our own personal struggles, which can be tricky at times, and that is not your fault. Try to see if you can bring your compassionate self to your struggles during these times.

  • Finally, see if you can notice times during the week where you have thought of our modules or tried to do some of the strategies suggested in our modules. It is so helpful to notice and explore what happened. You can use your workbook to write anything down.


Feel free to reach out this week if I can be of any assistance.

Wishing you well



Please click on the circular icon to access a downloadable pdf file with the resources for this week. 

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