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Thank you for your continued efforts and courage with our work together.


Session 2 is a BIG session with the content we covered. We looked at how nature has created for us a set of emotions that are activated when we are threatened. We examined anxiety and anger, and reflected that they can be turned on very easily and quite powerfully at times. Learning how to cope with these emotions is often one of our crucial tasks. These are the ones that often cause us so much pain and difficulty. Imagine how easier life would be if you could cope with just these two emotions of anger and anxiety – the two A’s.

We also saw that we have positive emotions of fun, excitement and joy linked to when things are going well. Importantly, and often forgotten, is that we have emotions, feelings  and body states that link to slowing down calming down and contentment, feeling safe and okay. It’s this emotion system that is often underdeveloped when we are struggling or overstressed. So thank you all for your commitment in working through the material together. Just a few notes for this week -

Personal Practice

  • Please the video of Stuart below, this demonstrates what we are doing with the three circles and creating balance

  • Also please find on this page the recording of the exercise we did, which was Soothing Rhythm Breathing, which aims to help develop our green circle.

  • Finally, see if you can notice times during the week where you have thought of our sessions or tried to do some of the things suggested in our sessions. 


Feel free to reach out this week if we can be of any assistance

Wishing you well



Please click on the circular icon to access a downloadable pdf file with the resources for this week. 

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